Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drinking from an extremely opinionated firehose

In which I continue to explain myself.

ohgod, I'm so sorry I said sophie giraffe
was a little pricey for a teether,
please have mercy!
Someone once told me that if you want to start an argument, express an opinion online.  I think this is bullshit, she doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about.  In summation, tits or gtfo.

*ahem* I kid.

There are a few extremely hot button topics on the internet that you generally want to avoid if you're not looking to start a flame war (your standard politics, sex and religion for the most part).  However, in the course of my magical journey on the flying rainbow unicorn of gathering conception, pregnancy and parenting information online I have come to the conclusion that *nothing* turns a seemingly level headed adult into a rabid troll like expressing an opinion about conception, pregnancy and parenting.

Don't believe me?  Go over to facebook, pick a random babymamadrama page and post one of the following:

  • "I get a little uncomfortable when I see someone breast feeding"
  • "Women should be able to breast feed in public"
  • "I'm having a homebirth"
  • "I'm having a hospital birth"

Once you're done having that new asshole of yours stitched up, please head back over to this site.

Unfortunately that leaves those of us who try really hard to remain open minded and pragmatic online (read: avoid confrontation) standing in the middle trying to decide which screaming maniac to listen to.

I'm going to take on the tough decisions here, because I'm going to have to make them.  I'm going to weigh the options, look at both sides and explain my conclusion.  I'm not for a split second going to presume that this is what everyone should do, because (Sesame Street sponsored realization of the day!) everyone is different.  

And what I'm *definitely* not going to do, is call anyone who chooses another path a screaming fuckwit.  I really hope to be granted the same courtesy.

Eh, who am I shitting, I really hope someone comments at all.

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