Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Not On Board

This is my car
Imaginary blog readers, I want to take you on a magical journey through time. Back to the good old summer of 2011!

Things were pretty damn magical for the REDACTED's back in the summer of aught-eleven. We were enjoying our first warm weather in our new three bedroom home. I had just graduated from nursing school and landed a job that I liked very much and we were just on the verge of making the decision to go contraceptive free for the first time in our lives!

Needing to get myself to the aforementioned job at 6:45am several days a week, our new home in the 'burbs and the fact that we had always been a one car couple meant it was also time to go car shopping!

And we let the decision to soon be *cough* riding bareback *cough* weigh heavily on our choices. I wanted a four wheel drive car that could get me to my shift in the snow before the plows hit the roads, with good ground clearance to take us on the trails we love to hike... that could fit a baby seat, and diaper bag, and eventually our two beautiful biological children and their hockey equipment (no, I don't live in Canada, but yes, the kids where I live come out with skates on at birth, plus I'd make an *AWESOME* hockey mom.)

So I soon found myself in possession of a 2011 Honda CR-V. The perfect way to say "I hike, and plan on soon being knocked up!"

Fast forward to three weeks ago. We were driving out of Boston in our lovely and still relatively new car in stop and go traffic. The person in front of us decided to quickly stop, we stopped, but the people behind us were really into that going thing. And my shiny new icon-of-things-to-come car was pancaked.
This is my car on the Mass-Pike
(Disclaimer - it wasn't actually that bad, everyone is fine)

I've been told in many ways over the past few years that a bio-kid might not be in the cards for us, but damn, smashing up my nice new baby-mobile hit me like a steaming hot pile of symbolism.

Now we're faced with the decision of what car to replace it with. My loving husband helpfully made the suggestion that perhaps we should opt for something a little less pricey and family inclined (to save money for future family pursuit costs). I helpfully had a category 5 meltdown, blubbering such charmers as "Idontwanttoiveupmyfamilycar!" and "werenevergoingtohavechildren!"

Infertility be not proud.

So what do you buy when you want four wheel drive to deal with New England winters while you're driving around everywhere but to peewee hockey practice, high ground clearance to keep you from bottoming out on dirt roads for the hike's just you and your SO are on, that doesn't scream "mom-mobile"?

I give you, the 2013 Subaru Crosstrek. Which I'm christening the official vehicle of moving on.  Wherever the next months and years bring us, I'm sure this car can get us there.

And hopefully, one day, hold a baby seat. :)

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