Tuesday, April 23, 2013

These go to Eleven

So I was really gearing up for National Infertility Week this week, planning on blogging all the blogs, posting all the thoughtful posts to Facebook and just generally getting all insightful up in the Internet's business.

Then my infertility reminded me that there's no way I can be that much of a contributing member of society.

Monday morning's clinic visit revealed that my ovaries decided to stop by the site of an experimental gamma bomb testing sometime earlier in the week without my knowing. In spite of a relatively low dose of follistim this cycle, those little suckers decided to pop out ELEVEN follicles this month.

Like the Hulk, if the Hulk had ovaries...
ok, like She Hulk. Whatever, I'm
not changing the picture.

Eleven is too many for an IUI.

And they offered us a IVF conversion.

And we seriously considered it.

Like, pull the husband out of work, try to come up with the down payment, rearrange our lives, seriously considered it.

Then the clinic called to say it looked like I was already ovulating and it was too late for an IVF. Glad we burned through 8 yrs worth of emotional energy this morning!

This was a pretty significant turn of events for us. Previously we'd been thinking that we're getting close to done with this whole medically assisted baby-making business and didn't want to consider IVF. But now we're left wondering - if we'd do it for a conversion, why wouldn't we consider it as a full cycle, when it was better planned and managed and we'd have a better chance of harvesting more eggs?

We've got a revisit with our Doctor of baby making on Thursday and have decided it best not to even attempt to make any decisions until then. We're also looking at a good month and a half off now that this cycle is abandoned and my ovaries will likely be hiding out in Kolkata next month, err... I mean I'll likely have cysts next month.

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