Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My day in 10 easy steps!

Step 1 - wake up

Step 2 - sweat pants

Step 3 - make waffles

Step 4 - eat waffles with hands while pacing in kitchen

Step 5 - try RuPaul's Drag Race on Netflix

Step 6 - realize that you are not the kind of person who can be cheered up by fabulous, life-loving drag queens. try not to think too hard about what that means.

Step 7 - purchase John Green book

Step 8 - read John Green book

Step 9 - try not to cry

Step 10 - cry a lot


  1. I hear _The Fault in our Stars_ is a doozy. I wish I had an amazing book recommendation for you that would somehow do what RuPaul's Drag Race cannot.

    1. yea, it's ok - I have a major thing for John Green... errr. novels, I have a major thing for John Green's novels. Yes.

      I'll probably get the new David Sedaris for cheer ups, though I'm currently trying to finish The Great Gatsby first because I've never read it #shameface

  2. Yeah, that sounds like ANY rainy day from this summer vacation in my house...potentially today will fall into that category. It sucks :/ Wishing you strength and a little peace of mind.

    1. Thanks for the comment/visiting :) Sorry to hear that it's been rough times for you as well.