Monday, September 23, 2013

shake it off - Bee & Puppycat

While my "monthly visitor" is no longer as crushing a reminder of our failures as it once was, it still thoroughly sucks. I mean, can't I just have my uterus out at this point?

Annnnnnnyway, here's some internet cartoon awesomeness, garunteed to make just about anything better.

*new reader disclaimer* Shake it off is my semi regular, "oh great, I'm not pregnant again" series. They are little micro-doses of internet awesomeness designed to scientifically decrease your life's suckitude. WITH SCIENCE.


  1. First the word suckitude --((((((suckitude)))))) love.

    Next her grumpy cat apron - Im gonna be making me one of them! The next time Im cranky and cleaning Im going to wear it and sport gurmpy cat awesomeness!

    1. oh man! Best. Idea. EVAR! I totally want to make one now too :)